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Awaken forgotten desires and build unforgettable memories to fuel a lifetime of inspiration.

Somabay’s location is ideally situated on the eastern shores of Egypt on the Red Sea coast just 20 minutes by car from Hurghada International Airport.

Only a 4 hour flight from Central Europe, the ten million square meters, self-contained community of Somabay is surrounded with three sides of the sea.

The resort location boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Red Sea and panoramic views of desert mountains.

Nestled on 10 million square meters of lush land, life at Somabay is where fantasy-scapes follow you wherever you go and sun-drenched activities take infinite elevating forms.

Home to 5 luxury resort hotels and a signature portfolio of residential properties, Somabay’s one of a kind settings with its full complement of premium amenities.

Step into Somabay’s world-class Marina and lose yourself in a diverse array of authentic experiences, perfected by a treasure-trove of locally grown brands.

Set to become the pulsating heart of the peninsula year-round, the Marina is an exclusive invitation to indulge in unique culinary adventures, soulful retail experiences and late-night entertainment.

Sip on a cup of freshly ground Coffee at 30 North, as you enjoy a good read from the neighboring Diwan Bookstore.

Uncover a pandora’s box of stylish boutiques and souvenir shops, crowned by the finest handcrafted home accessories displayed at Rax.

Indulge in juicy burger buns served all day long at Burger & Shrimp, freshly prepared homemade Pizza served at Farina or sample tantalizing oriental dishes, perfected by Baladina.

For friends wishing to spend a memorable night out, Sobar is the place to dine under a blanket of stars, perfected by signature delights and a flowing panorama of the Red Sea.

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